Womens Mag Attempts To Normalize “Keeping It In The Family”

So Cosmo recently published an article of a young lady named Melissa who met her long-lost brother and felt attracted to him.

The two got intimate after a drunken encounter and well… yeah… “This Is What It’s Like to Fall In Love With Your Brother.” As the story goes, she and her husband had an open relationship so I guess that makes getting intimate with a family member OK… The twisted part is that Cosmo seemingly gave no objection to the encounter and what became of it.

This isn’t exactly new. Barely a year ago, there was a huge push on social media networks like Twitter with users trying to push pedophilia as some sort of social norm… fucking disgusting.

How do you find out someone is your sibling and still find them attractive? Someone ain’t right in the head…

As reported by Paul Bois for The Daily Caller:

Cosmo gives no moral objection to this depraved behavior and even passes it off with a scientific term called “genetic sexual attraction.”

There must be some natural explanation for these feelings, Brian remembers thinking. And according to them, there is. The half-siblings say they are prime examples of genetic sexual attraction (GSA). The term was coined by Barbara Gonyo in the 1980s after she experienced an attraction to the adult son she had placed for adoption as an infant. (She later started a support group for other families.)

While the American Psychological Association does not use the term, GSA is what it sounds like: a phenomenon that occurs when two family members, who were separated early in life, eventually meet and experience an intense sexual attraction to each other — though not all act on it.

Psychologist Debra Lieberman says that this “genetic sexual attraction” typically happens among siblings who go a long time without seeing each other.


The only negative mention from Cosmo in an otherwise sympathetic portrayal of Melissa and her brother Brian is that it’s bad for the passing on of genes. Indeed, inbreeding dramatically increases the likelihood that the offspring will have severe abnormalities.



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