Witness In Florida Shooting Claims Cruz Didn’t Act Alone [Video]

Alexa Miednik, who claims she was in the school at the time and knew the shooter, says that she actually spoke to Cruz and joked with him. She also claims there was another shooter involved.

“…As I was going down the stairs I heard a couple of shots fired, everyone was freaking out – there was a gun, and as we were walking – the whole class together – I actually was speaking to the “suspect” [she even did air quotes] and as I was speaking with him, he seemed very… I don’t know what the word is I want to say… but he was very troubled in middle school and I joked to him about it and said “I’m surprised you weren’t the one who did it.”

From Twitter: “ After shifting over from Camp to coverage of school shooting in Parkland, Forida, I talked with Alexa Miednik , a Senior at Douglas HS. She never saw a gun but she says she knows the alleged shooter…”


We just spoke with a former student, Alexa Miednik, she actually walked down the hall with the accused shooter, Nicholas Cruz, after she heard shots fired. She said, “Hey, Nicolas,” – this is what she told me on camera… – “Hey, I just heard shots fired and I’m surprised it wasn’t you. Just kidding.” He had the reaction “What?” and then they parted ways.”

“She said “I heard more shots after that.” She thinks there was a second shooter.

And here is another student who makes a claim of “other shooters”


Are these EYEWITNESS reporters to be believed? Many, if not most, of these sorts of shootings seem to have a common theme: more shooters involved than we’re being told.

The Las Vegas shooting had reports of multiple shooters. So did the 2016 Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando. So are these just mistakes made during the moment?