Undocumented Immigrant Kills Man in Hit and Run in North Carolina

An illegal alien made a left turn, without yielding the right of way and hit a man riding a motorcycle, killing him. Neri Damian Cruz-Carmona, a 26-year-old illegal alien,  hit the man, then left the scene of the accident, after killing a man on a motorcycle.

Carmona is an illegal alien. This is the second time this week that an illegal alien hit a motorcycle causing deaths. Earlier in the week, another illegal alien, hit a man and wife on their motorcycle, killing them both. No matter how many Americans illegal aliens kill, liberals refuse the notion that we need to close our borders.

From Breitbart News

Cruz-Carmona turned left in his Honda car and failed to yield the right of way, hitting Beach on his motorcycle and killing him, police say. Following the crash, the illegal alien fled the scene, according to police, leaving Beach dead.

A neighbor who witnessed and spoke to WRAL about the crash called the accident “horrific” and said it was a scene that she will not be able to erase from her memory.

“I’ve been disturbed. I’m still disturbed talking about it,” the neighbor said. “I’m traumatized. It was horrific.”

This is the second deadly crash by an illegal alien that has left an American dead in less than a week. As Breitbart News reported, Logan and Jessica Wilson were killed on their motorcycle when an illegal alien allegedly hit them. The Wilsons leave three young children behind.

Sooner or later, we have to decide if the cost of feeding, housing, clothing and medical care for illegal aliens as well as the cost in human lives is worth it. I already say the cost is too high. Build the wall.