Totally Unhinged Man Arrested For Threatening Conservative-leaning High School Leadership Summit

Alexander Micah Cohen has been arrested and with threatening to blow up a conservative High School Leadership Summit in Washington DC last month. Cohen told police that the whole thing was a joke.

Except it wasn’t for the mother of one of the attendees of the Turning Point USA’s High School Leadership Summit at George Washington University. She saw the post, where Cohen claimed to be in Washington and on his way to the conference to shoot it up and then blow it up. She immediately called the police. Cohen was released without bond. 

ABC News reported:

A Chicago-area man has been arrested for allegedly threatening to “shoot” and “blow up” the conference of conservative high school students held in Washington last month that grabbed headlines when the featured speaker, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, uttered the phrase “lock her up.”

28-year-old Alexander Micah Cohen was arrested outside Chicago late last month, according to authorities in Cook County, Illinois.

The Metropolitan Police Department in Washington, D.C., launched an investigation into the alleged threats after the parent of a student attending the conference saw some of Cohen’s messages posted online and contacted the FBI.

When an MPD officer then contacted Cohen, he insisted his comments were “a joke,” according to an account from the officer filed in court. Cohen has now been charged with attempting to make a false report connected to a weapon of mass destruction.

Cohen has also been stalking and threatening conservative blogger Mike Cernovich.

No bail? What if he goes out and shoots or bombs people? I just don’t see how that could be considered a wise move. I can’t help but think in their own way they see themselves as revolutionary heroes like our founding fathers. They couldn’t be more wrong… for one, our founding fathers wouldn’t make threats against our youth.