The OIG IG Report On Clinton Investigation Was MUCH MORE Than Sabotage

A look into the possibility of what the OIG IG report on the investigation really might have been about.

A lot of people think the OIG IG report on the Hillary Clinton Email investigation, is just about how it was sabotaged so she could walk away from exposing/mishandling classified intelligence.

While it is that, it also the gateway into all her pay for play schemes as SecState. And the biggest pay for play scheme Hillary & Co. were involved in was the massive Uranium One scheme. Never say the Clintons are stupid. They learned from the mistakes they made in the 1990’s.

No bags of cash delivered by businessmen personally this time. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, the mistakes the Clinton’s made with their pay for play schemes in the 1990’s, here’s a quick refresher:…

Note that the Clintons’ & the DNC didn’t get to keep most of this money after this was exposed. They were forced to give it back. Well, Hillary and Co. came up with a really brilliant idea for their second go-round in the White House.

A charitable foundation!

Instead of taking the money directly to the DNC or the political campaign, instead the bribes…er ah I mean the ‘charitable contributions’ were made to the Clinton Foundation instead. Hillary was supposed to sit out for the 8 years of the Al Gore presidency, but that was derailed by George W. Bush’s 2 election victories in 2000 and 2004.

Then her coronation had to be put off again when dark horse Barack Obama handily took the nomination from her in 2008. As a consolation prize, she was handed a do-nothing front job as Secretary of State while George Mitchell & others did the heavy lifting on foreign policy.

Hillary spent those 4 years getting ready to be President and setting up her pay for play schemes through her foundation. Stepping aside in 2013 for John Kerry allowed her to focus exclusively on her upcoming Presidential run where she was sure to be Obama’s successor in the White House.

All through this period, the lead up to 2008’s big disappointment, and then her 4 year run as SecState, followed by 4 years preparing for the 2016 campaign, Hillary’s trusted confidant and aide, Huma Abedin, was at her elbow.

Huma saw it all, Huma knows it all. And more importantly, it turns out Huma COLLECTED AND STORED it all. On a laptop. Which she shared with her then-husband, noted pervert Anthony Weiner. And shortly before the 2016 election, Weiner was caught sexting a 15-year-old girl ON THAT VERY SAME LAPTOP. Which led to it being seized by the NYPD.

Who freaked out when they saw what was on it. How bad was the stuff on that laptop?

The NYPD basically told James Comey “You reopen the Hillary Clinton email investigation or we’re going to the media with what we’ve found.”

And what did they find? I believe they found documents detailing Uranium One & other crimes.

Documentary evidence that not only did the SECRETARY OF STATE take massive bribes to facilitate the sale & shipment of 1/3rd of US uranium stocks to Russia, so did the Attorney General Eric Holder and several other top members of the Obama administration.

It’s already a matter of PUBLIC RECORD that top Russians who pushed for & benefited from the Uranium One sale donated over $145 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

Fact check: No, the Clintons were not paid millions by Russia The president falsely accused the Clintons of profiting from a major nuclear industry deal.

Look at that BS weak ‘fact check’ by Newsweek, which contains THIS laughable summation:

“All told, $145 million went to the Clinton Foundation from those linked to Uranium One and UrAsia, but it went to the charity organization and not the Clinton family.”

Yes, this is the defense that’s mounted. “Oh hey none of this $145 million dollars went STRAIGHT to the Clinton family directly. It just went, you know, to the charity the family owns and runs.” How desperate were Hillary and her cronies to make sure none of the incriminating emails & documents from her many pay for play schemes were exposed?

They used BleachBit and took hammers to phones & hired IT guys to erase all traces. Hillary and her team were very, very thorough when it came to destroying all the evidence. Even evidence that was under subpoena.


The problem with being a power drunk traitor selling out your own country is that your trusted aide at your elbow is going to worry about what happens if your crimes of incredible magnitude ever get exposed. Perhaps an insurance policy is needed, just in case?

And so it turns out Huma Abedin was taking hundreds of State Dept. docs & HRC email chains and storing them on this laptop that she shared with her husband. Ooooh. Bad move. Or good move, depending on your perspective.

And while NYPD personnel are digging through this laptop while investigating Anthony for sexting a minor, they are absolutely stunned at the scope of the criminality they are looking at. How massive is this? It involves not just top State Dept. people but DOJ people as well.

So here’s what the slow rollout of all this has been preparing people for over the last year. After the Hillary Email IG report is released, and the FISC IG report is released, people will have NO PROBLEM grasping what happened with Uranium One.

It’s the same people.

A year and a half ago if you’d polled most people “Do you think the Trump campaign was spied upon” most would say no. Now?

The vast majority of people KNOW it happened. They’ve spent a year getting the public ready for this. They had to prepare the ground. If they’d pulled the curtain all the way back a year ago, the shockwaves would’ve been so massive the country might not have been able to function. HOW do you prepare the country for the fact that the previous administration was not only a criminal regime engaged in massive treason, you’re going to PROSECUTE them all?

You have to make the case with the public and win them over before you even THINK about attempting this. TV talking heads and bloggers have been insisting for over a year that this needed to be done ass-backwards: indict them all and lock them up OVER A YEAR AGO and THEN start trying to make the case to the public why you did that.

That would’ve been a massive disaster. What the IG reports will do is lay out the criminality involved in the HRC email investigation and then the FISC court shenanigans. Then it’ll be time for the really heavy stuff. Like Uranium One. Actual treason with a foreign country to subvert US national security. Until they are ready, the people preparing to prosecute are going to be very very tightfisted with their material evidence.

Look again at the people pictured here. How much legal experience & resources do they have? How connected are they?

Are you gonna risk your entire case because some Congressman is DEMANDING you hand over key pieces of your evidence to him right now?

It’s nice Nunes wants to see this stuff, but look is there any way to make sure HE sees it WITHOUT Schiff seeing it also? Do you see what the problem here is? You don’t get to pick and choose who sits on that oversight committee that can see this stuff and who can’t. “OK Nunes and Jordan can see this, but not you Schiff and Swalwell, you guys get lost.”

It doesn’t WORK like that.

You and it over to Nunes, you are handing it over to Schiff and every other goddamn leaker on that committee. You think I want to see a years worth of hard work go up in smoke because I handed over evidence and then Schiff leaked it to the media? Now on one level, I think this is all theater. Nunes knows the IG reports are dropping this month, he’s focusing a hell of a lot of ATTENTION on the issue of the spying on Trump’s campaign team, the FISA warrants, Steele Dossier, etc.

But even if Nunes is really pushing to get his hands on this info before the IG reports drop because he wants to go public with it himself first, it doesn’t matter. Horowitz & Huber won’t compromise their cases beforehand. Nothing’s leaked from these guys in a year.

Massive criminal conspiracies have been found that stretch almost through the entire previous presidential administration. You ain’t rolling that up in a month, 3 months or even a year.

You have no room for error. None. If you pull this thread, you’d better get it right.

Once it starts, that bell can’t be unrung. The media will go into shock then we’ll see nonstop 24/7 hysteria far beyond anything you’ve seen yet. Comparisons of Trump to Hitler and Stalin will look mild once the indictments start rolling out. I’ve stated before, you will literally see the media doing this every single day, nonstop:

Very serious patriots are doing very serious work knowing exactly what the stakes are, who they are targeting and what’s going to happen if they f**k this up. So they’re not going to f**k it up.