This Latest Conspiracy Theory Is Taking The Internet By STORM!

Conspiracy theories are often bogus, right? Absolutely. But sometimes… what if they are not.

We’ve had leaked intelligence before that made some startling revelations. Wikileaks, qanon, you name it. Here’s another one of those “wild-eyed conspiracy theories” that seem… plausible.

Note that the only edits made to this is that of photos used during the tweets. It’s one thing to use copyrighted images on social media and entirely another to use them on a website like this. So those weren’t included but based what I see… not entirely needed.

1. Imagine that you are not a politician and you are running for the presidency.

2. Imagine that despite your always knowing the DC swamp was deep (dangerous and full of terrors), corrupt, and generally horrible, you just decided to do it anyway.

3. Imagine you have spent years thinking about it; thinking about every angle within it; thinking and talking to people who know it; and ultimately you decided to do it.

4. Imagine that even though you knew it was bad, it wasn’t until you actually began running that you discovered the depth of the corrupt nature with it.… You see things in the campaign you never expected.

5. One of the most alarming aspects of the *new knowledge* is discovering that the top-tier of the national intelligence apparatus has a political agenda you never thought about before.

6. Imagine yourself, a business person, coming to the realization that the intelligence apparatus could, indeed was, weaponized against you.

7. You fall back on your past experience with hostile organizations as a reference point for having to contemplate that parts of the United States Government institutions would likely begin to conspire against you.

8. You imagine yourself having to deal with a weaponized intelligence community. Then, as time progresses, you begin to see those concerns are not imaginings – but they actually begin to surface.

9. Who can anyone turn to when the very institutions created to preserve liberty are intentionally utilized to eliminate the most basic of liberties: the right to choose our own government.

10. Imagine you are a candidate for the office of the presidency and you have to think about these people as political enemies.

11. As troubling as it is to accept, you have to face the reality of a weaponized intelligence community aligned against you; and a professional political class who will deny it exists.

12. Imagine, as time goes on, you realize this weaponized system is not going to go away. You begin to think about how to work around it, from your only reference points in dealing with hostile institutions. Approaches you know from business experience.

13. Imagine yourself having to deal with this issue. You are running for the Presidency, yet you have to accept a complete and incomprehensible inability to trust the U.S. intelligence community.

14. You realize that, absent of your ability to coax individuals to change behavior inside the organization, it may be entirely necessary to build a parallel system that you can trust.

15. Along the way, a key player within the system, who is not OK with what’s going on, comes to you and confirms your worst suspicions. The apparatus of the IC is weaponized against you; and it’s worse than you thought. Washington Post: Breaking News, World, US, DC News Analysis.

16. Despite the sheer scale of the issue, and the people aligned against you, you have won the election – and that same key internal *whistle-blower* has a plan.

17. Imagine the broad outline of a parallel intelligence system, that might only be temporary in nature, but feasibly could be trusted, and might overcome the challenge inherent from the domestic enemies inside the current one.

18. While the weaponized IC is targeting/watching you,… your parallel system might just be able to watch the watchers.

19. If you imagine the system. Perhaps you would need: infrastructure close to completion; held by people who have a self-interest motive to help you; and contacts with people, who know people, who must have the ability to do so…

20. All of this must take place in such a fashion as no-one would ever suspect it taking place. Yet you don’t want to hide it, because that’s ultimately the easiest way for the IC enemy to discover it. 21. Consider:

22. Now, do your own work. Do not trust me. Put down a timeline back to January 20th, 2017 (Inauguration day), and look carefully at who visited where, when, and how.

23. Look at the first visits to the White House.

24. Look at what actions were taken, in that area, to secure any adverse entity from discovering the intent of a possible parallel construct. Saudi Arabia Arrests 11 Princes, Including Billionaire Alwaleed bin Talal.

25. Look at times and dates for specific people to travel to the venue.

26. Understand that a parallel system creates new alliances. Any entity aligned with the current adversary cannot be trusted. No breakthrough in Gulf crisis as Tillerson extends trip.

27. Visits seem random. But maybe not. Here’s why Jared Kushner secretly went to Saudi Arabia

28. Things continue for a long time; a very long while. All the while the watchers have no idea they are being watched.

29. Perhaps seemingly random or innocuous events take on a different dimension. Washington Post: Breaking News, World, US, DC News AnalysisBreaking news and analysis on politics, business, world national news, entertainment more.

30. Without context, things just don’t make sense. Pence’s Visit to the Middle East Serves No Purpose.

31. But with context, things, the timing of things, not only begins to make sense, but changes the entire landscape of what was previously thought. Ryan CODEL Travels to Saudi Arabia, Talks Focus on Regional Threats.

32. That’s Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes innocuously in the background.

33. While everyone is awaiting on the memo….

34. … and waiting:

35. photo omitted

36. Maybe, just maybe, the orb was real after all. ###


38. What if the ORB is not *theirs* after all….

39. What if the Intelligence Orb is actually ours…

40. …. And our White Hat team (CIA, NSA) just modified its operational use, to monitor and catch the Black Hat team.

41. I guess we’ll never actually know…. Or will we?… /End