Strzok/Page Text Reveal The Pair Brutally Mocking Chelsea Clinton

Look, I’m not a fan of Chelsea Clinton, but this sort of crap is uncalled for… I guess it makes it worse as the two wayward FBI agents were seemingly on the side of Team Clinton.

The pair exchanged a lot, A LOT, of text messages and among them, this gem was found… revealing that they are not fond of the Clinton daughter whatsoever and expressed that in some very harsh terms.

As if you didn’t know, Strzok is the former top counterintelligence agent at the FBI, he was fired based on a lot of the text messages found during the investigation into his own meddling into the 2016 election.

Strzok was quite critical of the speech the former First Daughter gave at the Democratic National Committee convention in July.

“Chelsea was awful. Tried to do Bills up close sharing. Didn’t come across as genuine. Plus, she has a HORRIBLE billy goat speech tic.”

Here’s the speech they’re referring to:

Just days before, the pair had already discussed Chelsea, commenting on her “self-entitled” attitude and commenting “feels she deserves something she hasn’t earned.”

I hear it, too, and I don’t know what that’s about. You tell me.. what do you think?

As reported by The Atlantic:

Across the months of texts, Strzok and Page dismiss nearly everyone in politics who comes to their attention. Strzok complains that former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson pushes “a wildly liberal interpretation of immigration responsibilities.” Page “hope[s] Paul Ryan fails and crashes in a blaze of glory” and says former top counterterrorism official Richard Clarke “is an uninformed douche.” Strzok finds it “wildly offensive” that former Attorney General Eric Holder’s portrait is hung next to one of Elliot Richardson, who resigned in the Saturday Night Massacre. Later, when Holder speaks at the Democratic National Convention, he urges Page, “Oh God, Holder! Turn it off turn it off turn it off!!!!” Strzok tells Page, “i LOATHE Congress.”

A month later, she says, “God i hate Congress. So utterly worthless.” Strzok replies, “Less than worthless. Contemptible.” They aren’t fans of Ted Cruz. The veteran political trickster Roger Stone “is horrible,” he says. At one point, the two fiercely debate Dreamers.

Among the few exceptions are Barack Obama and his family, and Joe Biden. During Michelle Obama’s DNC speech, Page writes, “God, she’s an incredibly impressive woman. The Obamas in general, really.

While he has certainly made mistakes, I’m proud to have had him as my president.” She also says, “I really really like Joe Biden.” Strzok replies, “Was literally grabbing phone to say Joe’s doing great!” There is praise for the centrist conservative columnists David Brooks and Andrew Sullivan, too.

Strzok and Page especially detested Trump, who they call an “utter idiot” and complain about in many texts. “Trump is a disaster. l have no idea how destabilizing his Presidency would be,” Strzok says. But that doesn’t translate into much affection for Hillary Clinton. Strzok calls himself a “conservative Dem,” and grudgingly acknowledges in March 2016 that he’d vote for Clinton over Trump.