Strange but True? Declassified DoD Material Shows US Navy Pilot’s UFO Encounter

declassified Department of Defense video

A video has been released by a group called “To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science” (what a dumb name) where they claim U.S. Navy pilots encountered a UFO, or unidentified flying object in, 2015.

“GO FAST is an authentic DoD video that captures the high-speed flight of an unidentified aircraft at low altitudes,” according to the TTSA, which was co-founded by Tom DeLonge, former guitarist and co-lead vocalist of the popular band, Blink-182, Jim Semivan, former senior intelligence member of the CIA, and Dr. Hal Puthoff, a NASA and DoD adviser.

Though the Department of Defense declined to comment on this particular video, they have confirmed a now defunct government operated program for investigating UFO sightings existed until 2012.

“The Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program ended in the 2012 time frame. It was determined that there were other, higher priority issues that merited funding and it was in the best interest of the DoD to make a change,” the statement read. “The DoD takes seriously all threats and potential threats to our people, our assets, and our mission and takes action whenever credible information is developed.”

More and more “strange” videos from credible sources have started surfacing over the last decade since the idea of alien life started to become even more mainstream. According to an op-ed piece written by Chris Mellon, a TTSA adviser and former deputy assistant secretary of defense for intelligence:

“We have no idea what’s behind these weird incidents because we’re not investigating,” Mellon wrote.

“Nobody wants to be ‘the alien guy’ in the national security bureaucracy; nobody wants to be ridiculed or sidelined for drawing attention to the issue,” he added. “This is true up and down the chain of command, and it is a serious and recurring impediment to progress.”

Last December, retired U.S. Navy Cmdr. David Fravor told ABC News that what he believes what he witnessed during a routine training mission on Nov. 14, 2004, “was not from this world.”

He continued: “I’m not crazy, haven’t been drinking. It was — after 18 years of flying, I’ve seen pretty much about everything that I can see in that realm, and this was nothing close.”