Soros Home Country FINALLY Gives Up His Rhetoric, Shows Him The Door – Victory In Hungary!

George Soros pumped tons of money and droves of activists into his country of birth and he was met fierce resistance until finally, he had to give up and he is pulling his resources out of the country.

Hungary’s fiercely anti-immigration Prime Minister Viktor Orban and the people of Hungary rejected the former collaborator and they refused to open their borders to those who are more apt to try to change the country rather than assimilate and become a contributor to their society. Orban has proved to be a great friend to the United States. It was Hungary that led a coalition of small countries to scuttle a UN resolution condemning the United States for moving their embassy to Jerusalem.

From Yahoo News

The announcement Tuesday that a foundation run by US-Hungarian liberal billionaire George Soros will quit Hungary puts the spotlight once again on the favourite whipping boy of Western nationalists.

Over three decades since it began, Soros’s Open Society Foundations (OSF) threw in the towel, citing Hungary’s “increasingly repressive political and legal environment”.

The organisation’s departure will be poignant for the 87-year-old financier-cum-philanthropist who emigrated from Hungary after World War II.

In recent years Hungary’s fiercely anti-immigration Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who himself received a Soros scholarship to study at Oxford, has accused Soros of orchestrating Europe’s migration crisis.

But the anti-Soros rhetoric is far from being limited to just Hungary.

Soros, listed by Forbes magazine as one of the world’s richest men, is accused by nationalists around the globe not just of stoking immigration but also of backing coups, sponsoring protests, and seeking to push a liberal, multicultural agenda.

The author of the piece for Yahoo News obviously seems to be a huge fan of Soros. He calls him a capitalist and a philanthropist. That’s odd because he may be a capitalist but he wants everyone else to be a socialist and his philanthropy is limited to far left wing organizations that he himself started.

And through these groups, he funded the Ferguson riots and many other violent demonstrations. Something that he may have learned from the Nazis who he worked for during their occupation of Hungary, until his father forced him to quit.