Single Mom Who Chose Homeschooling For Her Kids Arrested

Kiarre Harris, a single mother out of Buffalo, NY, felt that the public school system was failing her kids. She decided to homeschool them instead.

“I felt that the district was failing my children,” Harris reported.

Frustrated and desperate for an alternative, Harris spent time researching homeschooling, which she ultimately decided was the best direction for her family. Unfortunately, the state disagreed.

It’s entirely her choice to decide what she thinks is best for her kids. Despite this, the State pushed on.

Harris had done everything exactly right. She familiarized herself with the legal process and followed all the guidelines required by the state of New York in order to homeschool her children.

“I spoke directly to the homeschool coordinator and she told me from this point on my children were officially un-enrolled from school.”

She had everything in order, all her paperwork done and she was ready to educate her children.

But despite filing all the relevant and mandated paperwork and working closely with the district to ensure she was adhering to the proper protocol, Harris received a phone call from Child Protective Services a week later, demanding to know why her children had not been attending school.

She explained the situation to the state representative and even offered to provide them with copies of the paperwork she had already filed with the district. The representative appeared to be appeased by Harris’ explanation, and she believed the matter had been fully resolved.

Before even a month had passed since the unexpected phone call, Harris and her family received a visit from social service representatives, who were accompanied by local police officers.

The social service rep said she had an order from a local judge. The order said to remove her children from the home. She refused to hand her kids over. So they did what they do… and forcibly took the kids.

It has now been three weeks since Harris has seen her children. By no fault of her own, the state is punishing Harris for doing what she, as their mother, believes is best for the children.

So despite doing EVERYTHING RIGHT, the case is on-going and she hasn’t seen her kids yet. This is what THEY want.. the left, the Deep State. To control the minds of our youth because they’re the future.

(H/T Blockquotes written by Brittany Hunter)