Seattle Thinks It Would Be A Good Idea To Just Give Junkies Free Heroin

Only in Seattle (Or anywhere in California, too) would you see anyone considering to supply junkies with free heroin. Most cities try to keep junkies from getting it. You might see this in Portland where there seems to be a competition to see who can do the most ridiculous thing.

I fail to see the upside of this. I can’t see it reducing crime because the city will give the junkies a limited amount of the smack and one ride on the white pony probably wouldn’t be enough for them. To them, it would just be one more free ride.

The Maven reports:

Several Seattle City Council members have announced that they plan to move forward with multi-million dollar, taxpayer-funded proposal to purchase a massive recreation vehicle that would provide intravenous drug users with a space to shoot up.

One city council member said she would even like to look into the option of providing illegal drugs for users.

“We were looking at those city-owned and county-owned properties, but none were really viable that were appropriate,” Seattle Human Services Department representative Meg Olberding told KIRO.

Instead of a brick-and-mortar location, project proponents began exploring the concept of a “fixed-mobile” site, which would allow the RV to be moved to a set location each day, then taken back to a secure facility off-site for cleaning and maintenance at night, KIRO reported.

The RV would offer accommodations including booths where addicts could use illegal drugs and a separate section designated for recovery.

“We would want to make sure we provide a safe area, not only for the neighbors but for the individuals who are using as well,” Sakuma told the council.

This is the brainchild of Sally Bagshaw. For those of you that don’t remember, Bagshaw was the one who stood firm with the previous mayor and his child sex scandal. The mayor was forced to resign when so many came forward with complaints against him.  Perhaps she has a bit too much heroin herself to come up with this idea.