Agents Raid PREPA Warehouse Full Of Relief Supplies For Puerto Rico

Photo by Pvt. Alleea Oliver

Federal agents stormed a Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority warehouse this month after they received intel that “a massive store of rebuilding materials” were being hoarded.

Materials much needed in the efforts to, among other things, restore power to the people.

Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority or PREPA is a state-owned corporation operated by the territory’s government.

After the warehouse was raided agents than begin distributing supplies to the contracts, according to Luciano Vera, a USACE spokesperson.

“Among the materials recovered so far are ‘2,875 pieces of critical material to contractors’ along with the sleeves of full-tension steel, a component of Puerto Rican electrical infrastructure required to erect new power lines,” The Intercept reported, quoting Vera.

Now after 112 without power since Hurricane Maria took the territory by storm, power has finally been returned to homes, schools and businesses.

According to The Washington Examiner, just yesterday power had been restored to at least “83 percent of the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority customers.”


The Intercept pointed out that even “(a)s PREPA hoards crucial resources that could help remedy the island’s dire situation,” Puerto Rico’s government “is attempting to annihilate the power provider’s only regulator.”

“When the current administration was in the opposition, they opposed all the energy reform bills,” referring to the “new Progressive Party” said former Puerto Rico state Sen. Ramón Luis Nieves, referring to the so-called New Progressive Party.

“Now that they are in power, they have been trying to eliminate the energy regulator and the reforms that were passed.”

Who would have guessed it… I mean expect you and I — lol — that some form of corruption was going on. Remember the San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz and all her Anti-Trump B.S. that was FALSE? OR when supplies were found IN DUMPSTERS!

Clearly, we need to take a more hands-on approach when dealing with disaster relief in at least Puerto Rico.

H/T Tribunist | Conservative Tribune