OVERLOOKED In IG Report – Loretta Lynch Share Classified Information With Hillary’s Campaign

UPDATE: Amanda Renteria has denied these allegations for the past year.

This has to rank as one of the biggest stories to come out of the entire IG report.

IG Michael Horowitz told the Senate Judiciary Committee that Lorettaq Lynch was sending classified information to the Hillary campaign through Amanda Renteria, top Hillary advisor on “Hispanic woman position” . The information is so clkassified that he couldn’t even tell the committee what the information is. Imagine  that. The DOJ colluding with Hillary, trying eo affect a presidential election.

“Overlooked today: Top level Clinton 2016 campaign operative and AG Lynch were in communication with each other in 2016 and exchanging “highly classified” material that not even Horowitz can talk about.

“Reminder: Amanda Renteria is the “Hispanic Woman” mentioned in the Podesta emails”

“Amanda Renteria was imployed by Xavier Becerra, who was also in charge of the House Democratic Caucus whose server the Awan Bros stole info from.”

From NY Post:

Lynch’s lawyer says she is cooperating with committee investigators, who are seeking answers to several questions, as well as relevant documents. Among other things, they want to know if she or any of her Justice Department staff “ever communicated with Amanda Renteria,” who headed Clinton’s political operations during the campaign. Renteria, who has been identified in the document as the senior Clinton campaign aide with whom Lynch privately communicated, has also been asked to testify.

The committee also wants to know if Lynch or any of her aides were in contact with former DNC chief Debbie Wasserman Schultz regarding the Clinton email investigation, according to a three-page list of questions that Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley and ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein recently sent to Lynch at her New York apartment.

Senate investigators have combed through a transcript of Lynch’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee in July 2016. In retrospect, several of her statements strain credulity. But one in particular stands out, and could present legal problems for Lynch.

During the House Judiciary hearing, Rep. David Trott (R-Mich.) slammed Lynch for failing to recuse herself from the Clinton investigation despite meeting privately with the target’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, a week before the then-attorney general let Hillary skate. Then, referring to rumors of her possibly staying on in a hypothetical Hillary administration, he asked if Lynch had met with anyone on Hillary’s staff during the yearlong investigation, to which she replied: “I have not spoken to anyone on either the campaign or transition or any staff members affiliated with them.”