Mike Pence’s Neighbor Create Twisted #MAGA Mockery In Their Front Yard [Photo]

credit: gage skidmore

Vice President Mike Pence’s Colorado neighbors I guess thought they were clever… well they weren’t. It’s not only lame but stupid and needlessly disrespectful.

These lefties really need to learn how to protest.

Placed on a pillar right at the beginning of their driveway they created a rainbow banner which states “Make America Gay Again”.

See what I mean? First of all… America’s never been “gay”. Secondly, it’s just a lame attempt. I almost don’t think it’s worth reporting on but then again perhaps this is exactly what we need to be on the lookout for.

Joe DiSalvo, Pitkin County Sheriff, stated that one of his deputies was there when they came out and hung the banner.

“He was real sheepish and thought he might be confronted by the Secret Service or deputies who’d tell him he couldn’t do it,” DiSalvo said. “When they said, ‘We’re not here to control your free speech rights,’ they came out with chili and began feeding them. “They’ve been really nice to us.”

“(The banners) were actually hung by the daughters of the couple who live in the home, and one of their girlfriends (I’m one of them!) with the full support of their parents,” Shannon Slade wrote in an email to The Aspen Times.

DiSalvo said he fully supports anyone exercising their First Amendment rights and said Aspenites have a history of expressing their opinions to powerful people who visit the area. He specifically brought up the intrepid daredevil who climbed the large blue spruce tree next to the Castle Creek Bridge and hung a sign that read, “Inhale To The Chief” when then-President Bill Clinton visited Aspen in the mid-1990s.

Ya know, Pence doesn’t go out hanging banners that are anti-Gay, you know? That’s the disrespectful part. It’s one thing to have an opinion on something and actually voice that opinion, like an adult, and it’s another to do something like this.

It’s passive aggressive crap is what it is.

Photo credit: Twitter/@TheAspenTimes