The Left Now Calls For The Head of Churchill After Oldman’s Oscar Win

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Can you believe that there are actually people in this world that would be upset with a positive representation of a man who stood up to Adolf Hitler. Sad but true, folks.

For this bit, we need to look no further than, of course, Twitter. Ugh.

“Predictably Gary Oldman wins a for his portrayal of the genocidal racist Winston Churchill. The number of TV shows & films aimed at rehabilitating the British Empire’s war criminals has increased in recent years. Desperate attempt to cling on to their revisionist history.”

“The 2018 will be remembered for honouring a whitewashed biopic of one of the worst racists of the 20th Century – Winston Churchill. A bigot who was ideologically little different from Hitler and who was culpable in the starvation deaths of three million Bengalis.”

A few example of many… there is really something wrong with the world these days. It gives me cold chills just thinking about it.

Now sure, there’s truth in that Churchill wasn’t the most openminded guy walking the face of the earth. Duh… call it the times he lived in or just having his own perspective on things. A lot of his beliefs would surely get him arrested in today’s modern world.

But what he’s honored for is literally keeping Britain’s sh*t together when they nearly fell to the Axis.

To sort of example on this… the left far too often will literally look at one thing they deem as entirely unacceptable and all goodwill goes out the window. It doesn’t matter what that person has done with their life on the whole. No, to them that one bad act is enough. And we all know from experience that The Left can be the absolute worst when it comes to that level of hypocrisy.


And just like here in the states… men who once meant something to this world are having their memorials tore down and destroyed.

The worst may be the planned destruction of a statue for President William McKinley — who isn’t being removed from the town of Arcata, CA for owning any slaves but simply because he was an “expansionist” who the Left deems as racist.

“The statue doesn’t symbolize what we want in our living room, the center of our plaza, to symbolize,” said councilmember Susan Ornelas, per the North Coast Journal.