Latest Lynch Report May PROVE She Was Corrupt Long Before Being Appointed By Obama

More than a year before President Obama nominated federal prosecutor Loretta Lynch to be attorney general, a former federal judge quietly called on Congress to investigate her U.S. attorney’s office for trampling on victims’ rights.

Paul Cassell, a law professor at the University of Utah, said Ms. Lynch’s office, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, never told victims in a major stock fraud case that a culprit had been sentenced — denying them a chance to seek restitution of some $40 million in losses.

Mr. Cassell, in written remarks to a House Judiciary Committee panel in 2013, said if prosecutors were using secretive sentencing procedures to reward criminals for cooperating with them, it could violate the Crime Victims Restitution Act.

“Every day that the office withholds notice from the victims in this case about the continuing proceedings that are occurring in this case is a day in which the office is violating the CVRA,” he wrote, urging the subcommittee to conduct its own inquiry into Ms. Lynch’s office.

There was a background investigation in the works against the Obama-appointed Federal Prosecutor Loretta Lynch. But like all things Obama, it simply disappeared. And a gullible Republican Senate confirmed her. And sater’s victims lost 40 million dollars for the second time. Once by Sater and the second time by Lynch.

From The Washington Times

Loretta Lynch, Obama’s choice to replace Eric Holder at the Injustice Department, stands accused of withholding information from victims of Felix Sater, who ran a pump and dump stock scheme.

Paul Cassell, a professor of law at the University of Utah, notified Senate aides and leaders that they should be doing an inquiry of Lynch’s handling of the case.  The issue has to do with prospective defendants who turn state’s evidence.

Lynch did have the right to shield Sater from prison time, however, she was obligated to notify Sater’s victims that he had been sentenced, making them eligible to receive the 40 million he stole from them back.

The investigation would reveal that by not notifying the victims, Sater was able to keep the money he stole and since the sentencing was secret, his reputation was left intact and made it possible for him to continue running his money making scams.

This may prove she was corrupt long before Obama made her the AG of the US.