Latest Court Filing Reveals New Search Warrant Against Manafort

According to new revelations, it seems that Special Counsel Robert Mueller managed to obtain a search warrant just last month related to the phone records of President Donald Trump’s former campaign chair, Paul Manafort.

Speculation now arises that Mueller seems to be continuing the case against Manafort. Manafort, if you will recall, was first indicated in October of last year along with Rick Gates, his former business partner. Among the charges are money laundering and fraud related to his consultation work for a Ukrainian politician.

“That affidavit likewise contains redactions — albeit more substantial ones — relating to ongoing investigations that are not the subject of either of the current prosecutions involving Manafort,” the filing states.

Mueller recently claimed that Trump was not a “target” and according to Robert Costa: “What we learned over past week: Mueller is directly engaging with Trump’s attys. Wants an intvw w/ POTUS. POTUS wants to do it. But many in Trump camp counseling him against doing so, worry he’s just a *subject* now… but could risk becoming a *target,* if he’s not careful.”

So I wonder if that means Mueller, perhaps not wanting to seem like he failed, is doubling down on Manafort… circling him so to speak.

As written by Chuck Ross for The Daily Caller:

The new warrant, which was issued March 9 for information associated with five AT&T phone numbers, is the seventh issued for Manafort-related records during the Mueller probe, according to the court filing.

The previous warrants, which were all issued in 2017, authorized searches of Manafort’s Alexandria, Va., residence as well as a storage locker, an email account, two additional email addresses, and a computer hapoliticianManafort used. Mueller’s team also obtained a warrant to seize control of three of Manafort’s bank accounts.

Mueller provided details of the warrants in an effort to shoot down Manafort’s demand for unredacted copies of the search warrants. Manafort was provided with unredacted versions of three of the search warrants, the court filings state. The other four are partially redacted.

Mueller’s team gave Manafort’s lawyers a redacted copy of the latest search warrant on Wednesday.