International City With STRICT Gun Laws Has Outpaced New York City In Murders

There will always be arguments from lefties to destroy the Second Amendment and some even going as far as to forcibly remove firearms of every single one of you…

It’s a non sequitur at this point for them…

But let’s turn our sights toward one of those European countries with some of the strictest gun laws, one that Liberals LOVE pointing to in their examples of how strict gun control works… England.

According to reports, London has officially overtaken New York City in the number of murders for the first time in 200 years.

In March 2018, there were 22 killings… versus the 21saw in New York City.

Since the 1800s, London’s murder rate per person has been half and one-twentieth of New York’s, according to FBI data. With that, London police chief Cressida Dick recently admitted that his constables are now “fearful” of confronting suspects because they “might get into trouble or might not be supported if they had a complaint”.

London is quickly becoming one of the more dangerous cities in the world, and many people are blaming mayor Sadiq Khan who boosted London as “the safest global city in the world, and one of the safest cities in the world” in 2017.

As reported by Breitbart:

This assertion already appeared highly questionable after a spate of radical Islamic terror attacks and an admission that hundreds of Islamic State volunteers have returned to the capital and are not being monitored, alongside disturbing developments such as the city being crowned “acid attack capital of the world” following an epidemic of assaults using corrosive substances.

Neither Khan nor politically correct London police boss Cressida Dick — who recently appeared to deny any racial or religious element to grooming gangs and claimed they have “probably” been in Britain for “centuries and centuries and centuries” — seem willing to consider the contribution of mass migration and the accompanying breakdown in social cohesion to the crime wave, with Dick blaming the rising violence on “social media”.

London and New York City are roughly equal in terms of population and police numbers, making budget cuts an unsatisfactory explanation for the situation.