Inmates Clap for Suspect in Chicago Cop’s Fatal Shooting [Video]

Shomari Legghette, the “suspect” in the murder of Paul Bauer, a Chicago officer, has been officially charged and his bond DENIED.

Unfortunately… as he walked into his court hearing, five other inmates began clapping, in approval, for the cop killer.

The judge in the case called Legghette a “real and present” threat to the community, and we have to agree considering his rather lengthy criminal record that includes battery, armed robbery and felony drug charges dating back 20 years.

What a bunch of scumbags! There has to something in the law to charge them with, to add on to whatever they did to get there, in this case. Encouraging and cheering on a cop killer?! How is that legal?

Commander Bauer was shot while assuming in a fleeing suspect near Thompson Center at 100 W. Randolph Street around 2 p.m. The officer was shot multiple times after he “saw the offender and engaged in an armed physical confrontation,” Superintendent Eddie Johnson said.

As reported by

Police say the 44-year-old Legghette was in downtown Chicago on Tuesday afternoon when tactical officers approached him because he was acting suspiciously. After a brief scuffle, he ran away.

Police said the 53-year-old Bauer, who identified himself as a police officer, grabbed Legghette and was holding him when he and the suspect fought. Authorities say both fell down a stairwell before Legghette allegedly shot him.

Foxx said Legghette fired seven shots at Cmdr. Bauer. He was hit by six of those shots – and suffered wounds to his head, neck, torso, back and wrist.

Foxx described the heart-breaking scene, where police found Cmdr. Bauer’s body.

“Cmdr. Bauer’s weapon was holstered and secured when his body was found. Cmdr. Bauer’s police radio and handcuffs were on the ground next to his body,” she said.