Ingraham Boots Guest Who Loses Debate

Enrique Morones appeared on the show with John Cox, who is running for governor of California as a Republican. Morones (Pronounced moron, the s is silent) was losing the debate on illegal immigration because instead of actually debating he just hurled insults.

Ingraham told him he was being rude, so he started mocking her for losing advertisers but didn’t mention that her ratings are skyrocketing or the fact that her show picked a full program of new advertisers to fill their slots.

Ingraham had enough and she booted him from the program.

Despite the Left’s best efforts, Ingraham is still on the air and still has A LOT of support. And we here at Steadfast fully support her, as well.


“I don’t know who this guy is. Who is this guy?” Morones sarcastically asked after Cox said he was “going to be the next governor” of California.

Ingraham then slammed Morones for being “rude and nasty.”

“Enrique, I just want to tell you, God bless you, I really, I wish the best for you. But you have been so incredibly rude and nasty since almost the first second of this appearance,” Ingraham said.

“So to say ‘who is he?’ I’m sure he doesn’t know who you are,” Ingraham continued. “So who cares? If the conversation — which is why we actually invited you on the show, to have a conversation — about a topic that’s really important—”

“Where’s your sponsors?” Morones said. “David Hogg got rid of half of them. High school kids shut you down.”

Ingraham then shut down the abhorrent liberal and kicked him off the program.

“It’s actually really important, and poor Enrique is trying to make waves. And the sad thing is this is how the left operates.”

“Enrique, thank you for that insightful contribution to the show.”