HUGE! First Amendment Under Attack In Nation’s Capitol

I find this a little hard to swallow… Brandon Todd, a council member in Washington D.C., has telling all citizens within his district to report and flyers that state “build the wall” to local law enforcement and has declared them “xenophobic”.

“Xenophobic and hostile flyers in Ward 4 will not be tolerated,” Todd wrote in a Facebook post. “All residents, regardless of background, deserve to feel safe in their community. If you receive one of these hateful flyers, call the Metropolitan Police Dept. at 911 immediately. I will remain in close contact with 4D Commander and Police Chief. Ward 4 must and will remain welcoming to all.”

The posters vary but include an emblem in the top corner “D.C. Counter Resistance”. Posters include “Even RBG backs the ban. Build the wall” with a photo of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg. Another states “Report illegal aliens to DHS or ICE” and tells of a man who allegedly assaulted an elderly woman, the man had been deported more than 20 times already. And yet another has a photo of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz that says “Debbie Does Pakistan”, a play on words of the infamous “Debbie Does Dallas” adult film from the 70s.

“Typically when something like this happens, technically the law hasn’t been broken,” Metropolitan Police Department spokeswoman Rachel Reid said. “But we’ll generally patrol that area more often and make our presence known to make sure the public feels safe.”

Todd went on to state “Ward 5 will not be intimidated by cowards who distribute these disgusting flyers anonymously, and we will defend and embrace the beautiful diversity of our city and community”.

I don’t know… it really seems like this DC Counter Resistance is giving the liberal left a taste of it’s own medicine and why shouldn’t they? What’s the old say? Fight fire with fire. Looks to me like it’s working, especially if it’s ruffling liberal feathers like this.