How Rosenstein Violated Federal Law In Appointing Robert Mueller

When the Justice Department appoints a special counsel, they are required to do a conflict of interest test, which Rod Rosenstein did not do, obviously since Mueller is conflicted all over the place.

Congress is being asked to request the documents on Rosenstein testing Mueller’s possible conflicts of interest.

First of all, Robert Mueller is best friends with James Comey, which by itself would disqualify Mueller due to conflict of interest. But he is involved with another key member of the probe, Hillary Clinton. It was Mueller that covered up her participation in the bribery scheme to get the Uranium One deal passed.

Even if Rosenstein had no clue that Mueller was not impartial when he named him, the fact that he hired all Hillary donors should have been a dead giveaway. But the truth is, I’m sure that as a member in good standing of the Deep State Rosenberg just didn’t care.

As other conflicts arose Mueller was able to not only avoid answering for his conflicts but was given unrestricted power to go anywhere he wanted to go and do anything he wanted to do. That is also a violation of the special counsel act.

According to the act, the DOJ had to give the SC specific charges to go after but as we all know, Mueller has gone far beyond the collusion probe after he could find no wrongdoing.

From The Gateway Pundit

Mueller is best friends with James Comey who was and is a key player in the FISA and Trump scandals. That alone should have disqualified Mueller from being the Special Counsel. But Mueller has much more. Mueller was the FBI Director during the Uranium One scandal. He even delivered uranium to Russia on an airport tarmac in Europe per Hillary Clinton’s instructions! Any conflict of interest should have disqualified Mueller due to the sensitivity, legal nature and importance of the mandate of the Special Counsel. This was a setup!

Congress should request all documentation related to Rosenstein’s assessment of Mueller’s independence and objectivity in regards to any and all conflicts of interest. This information will no doubt show the corrupt nature of the Mueller Special Counsel from the very start and should put Rosenstein in legal jeopardy for being dishonest in his efforts to appoint Mueller.