HOAX!? No Evidence Found in Islamophobic Hate Crime (VIDEO)

screenshot from youtube video

It was reported by CP24 yesterday that an investigation based on an incident where an 11-year-old girl wearing a hijab claimed that a man cut it off does not appear to be true.

the story made rounds late last week when Khawlah Noman, “the girl told police that she was on her way to Pauline Johnson Public School in Scarborough when a man dressed in black came up behind her. She said the man pulled off the hood to her jacket and cut off her hijab with a pair of scissors before fleeing the area.”

According to The Guardian, “an assailant, in two attempts within 10 minutes, cut the girl’s hijab using scissors while she was walking to school with her brother on Friday, a Toronto police spokeswoman said. ‘I felt confused, scared, terrified,’ Khawlah Noman, who is in Grade 6, told reporters at her school on Friday. ‘I screamed. The man just ran away. We followed this crowd of people to be safe. He came again. He continued cutting my hijab again.’”

Canadian authorities responded, saying “Toronto police responded and said they were investigating the alleged incident as a hate crime.” despite the fact that this happened around a crowd of witnesses.

And now:

However police said Monday morning that after a thorough investigation, they don’t believe the incident happened. “After a detailed investigation, police have determined that the events described in the original news release did not happen,” police said in a statement. Police spokesman Mark Pugash declined to call the incident a hoax, but said police now consider the investigation closed. “We are very thankful that this assault did not in fact happen. We won’t be commenting further,” the Toronto District School Board said in a short statement.

So there you have it… no evidence, and according to law enforcement it “did not happen”. This is all too common among more liberal-minded people in this world. A sort of “the end justifies the means” mentality.

No legal consequences

“These allegations were extremely serious and not surprisingly, they received national and international attention,” police spokesperson Mark Pugash said in an interview.

“Investigators worked extremely hard since the allegations on Friday. They gathered evidence from a variety of sources,” before concluding the story was untrue, Pugash said, adding that the girl who reported the incident will not face any legal consequences.

There should be a HUGE punishment for falsely reporting a hate crime.