We Found It! The BEST Explanation of the FISA Controversy

Mark Levin, a former Reagan administration official, has packed a punch with his FISA controversy explanation, saying that Americans have been subjected to a “massive propaganda campaign” to Project Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Big picture, what we’ve learned is that the, according to Levin, “Hillary Clinton paid for a warrant.”

It’s impossible that activity on this scale was never brought to then-President Barack Obama’s attention, specifically the daily intelligence briefing. It’s also “impossible” that his National Security Council had no knowledge of it either.

“[Clinton] colluded with the Russians, but it appears the FBI colluded with the Russians too,” Levin said. “The senior level of the FBI tried to interfere with this election as well.”

Levin said the investigation into Russian collusion “transition[ed] from a counter-intelligence investigation to a criminal investigation when [former FBI Director James] Comey, of all things, confesses to being a leaker,” Levin said.

“Why would the Russians want Donald Trump to be president when they could get everything they want from Hillary Clinton?” he later added.

This is how the Democratic Deep State is going to be brought down. This coupled with the FBI Text messages, these two, among others, are no doubt trying to cover every base they can.

Remember that fire at the Clinton home weeks ago? Coincidence? Perhaps… but…. right?

McCabe testified that had it not been for the dossier, which he confirmed had not been vetted, there would be no FISA warrant. Fusion GPS’s subpoenaed bank records told us that both the Clinton campaign and the DNC paid for the dossier.

Levin also hit the nail on the head that Mueller has no basis for his investigation. Even if there were collusion it is not a crime. The basis for a special counsel is to investigate a crime, not go looking to see if you can find a crime or make up a crime in Flynn’s case.

The Democrats tried to stage a “coup” and fortunately it failed. The evidence is there, it just needs to be put in order. Hillary bailing out the DNC, manipulating primaries against Sanders, paying for a “fake” Dossier, Fusion GPS, now the FISA memo. It just takes time to put the pieces together.