BOMBSHELL! Florida Shooter Nikolas Cruz Was Reported to FBI in September

The FBI let another one slip through their fingers. I September a bail bondsman by the name of Ben Bennight found a message on his site in which Nikolas Cruz wrote that he was a “professional school shooter.”

Bennight didn’t know if Cruz was for real or not but he notified the FBI because he didn’t think it would be a good idea to take a chance. We don’t know yet what steps the FBI took at the time but we know they had the message from Cruz.

There have been several cases where the FBI talked to a threat and let them go such as the Boston Marathon bomber. This cannot continue.

From The Gateway Pundit

In a YouTube video published on the evening of the attack, Ben Bennight, a Mississippi bondsman, explained that he was contacted by the FBI at approximately 3 p.m. about a comment on one of his videos that he had reported last fall.

“The FBI just left my house in regards to this situation,” Bennight stated. “September 24th 2017, I sent a screenshot of a comment on one of my videos — now people keep asking me which video was it, but I don’t know, I don’t remember what video it was — when I saw the comment come through on my Studio app on my iPhone I screenshot the comment and hit the report button to report it to YouTube. Of course, they removed the comment.”

Bennight proceeded to report the comment to the FBI.

“I looked up the number to my local field office and I called and left them a message. The next day I had two FBI agents standing in my office taking down the information and copies of the screenshot. They were asking me questions that of course I couldn’t answer. All it was on my channel was a comment, people leave pretty heinous comments on a pretty regular basis,” Bennight continued.

Just after the shooting in Florida, Bennight was contacted by two FBI agents. One local and the other one in Broward County Florida. Bennight told the local agent that he had no other contact before or after Cruz left his message. He was asked about the investigation at the time he reported it but he really had no idea what was done with his information.

He sent a copy of the audio to the agent in Florida.

Maybe the FBI would have more time to spend on these threats if they weren’t off conducting a witch hunt on President Trump.