FBI Chief Who Failed To Cover Up Hillary Fumble Preps To Testify Before Congress

John Giacalone who preceded Steinbach as the bureau’s top national security official and who oversaw the first seven months of the Hillary investigation will be testifying before Congress.

Giacalone quit the FBI over what he called an investigation going sideways. He resigned allegedly because higher-ups were trying to scuttle the investigation. A second witness, Bill Priestap, who changed the word president to another high ranking government official in Comey’s exoneration speech. The third witness is Michael Steinbach, the former head of the FBI’s national security division. That should make for some really fun watching.

From The Gateway Pundit

House Republicans are set to interview three witnesses in early June regarding the sham Hillary Clinton email investigation.

The word is that Giacalone quit the FBI in protest over how the higher-ups were killing the investigation.

Giacalone resigned from the Hillary Clinton case and retired from the FBI because he felt the case was going “sideways”; that’s law enforcement jargon for “nowhere by design.”

“Not sure what Preistap and Steinbach had to do with the Clinton Email investigation, but these guys would be INTIMATELY INVOLVED in any COUNTERINTELLIGENCE investigation of the Trump campaign during the 2016 election… ”

“Reminder: while James Comey and a whole bunch of other people have been fired/resigned/demoted at DOJ/FBI, ol Bill Priestap has still been right there, head of the FBI’s counterintel div., working hard on cases:”


We don’t know how much Giacolone knows but I hope he lives to testify. I am not usually a conspiracy kind of guy but there have been a lot of convenient deaths and records that magically disappear.

Giacalone was in the perfect spot to see the corrupt exoneration up close and he felt strongly enough about it to resign, so I would say he will tell everything he knows, which could be sufficient enough to provide prison terms for some of the Obama administration.