Famed Conservative’s Daughters Harassed, Fired, After Lib Pub Doxxes Them

Pamela Geller CC3.0 / Daughters Youtube


Pamela Geller is no stranger to controversy nor the spotlight. She’s a famed conservative commentator with the experience to back it up. Her daughters decided on a slightly different path.

You see… they had their own web series and were what’s known as “Instagram famous” but the series was all their own, it had nothing to do with politics and no one (in public) knew of their relationship with Pamela Geller. It was essentially their own piece of the pie and they loved it.

Somehow, the Daily Beast’s Taylor Lorenz, got wind that the two ladies were Geller’s kids and took it upon herself to dox them in her article, “The Instagram Stars Hiding Their Famous, Muslim-Hating Mom, Pamela Geller,”

Following this, the girls were verbally bombed, so to speak, with hate from the Left… most of it not even clever. “Racist piece of sh*t!,” “F*ck you, racist,” “Racist b*tch,” and “Swine” are but a few of he comments thrown at daughter Claudia via her popular Instagram account, “girlwithnojob”.

In response to the left-hate, her sister Jackie simply deleted her Twitter account.

Here are some SHINING examples of what the Left is really made of:



They had their own talk show called The Morning Breath, which was canceled by Oath, where it appeared. Again, none of their content was political in nature.

In response, Claudia released a video explaining:

“We want to be clear to our audience and fans that our political and cultural beliefs are not anti-Muslim or anti-anyone,” declared Claudia in the statement. “Our views are separate from our mother’s. Being raised by a single parent, we were taught to make our own choices based on our personal beliefs. We are inspired to think for ourselves and we do. We do not condone discrimination or racist beliefs of any kind.”