BREAKING! DEEP STATE Inside CDC Gives 3 Million Dollars For Democratic Candidates

The Center for Disease Control has funneled three million dollars to a group that distributed the money to far left-wing candidates.

Ron Bassilian is running for California’s 37th Congressional district as a Republican in 2018. He recently discovered that the CDC gave three million dollars to a group called  Community Coalition. That money is being funneled to Democratic candidates. This is not private funds, this is tax dollars that is supposed to be used to fight diseases not to fund them. This was a very common practice under Barack Obama, where settlements from banks were doled out to leftwing action groups.

During the Obama years, Obama teamed up with Eric Holder to win settlements from banks and then they offered the banks a deal. They would give them a list of left-wing groups and for every dollar they gave then, it would remove two dollars from their settlement. The US taxpayers have been paying for Democratic groups to work against their interests. Shameful.

From The Gateway Pundit

Ron Bassilian reported this earlier this week:

A friend of mine had a similar college life to me, he went on to do political advocacy and I went on to the private sector.  So imagine my pleasant surprise when we find each other on Facebook a couple years ago, and I found out he gets a large check to start his Community Coalition center in South Central Los Angeles.  My memory recalls it at $750,000.

That must be nice, I thought, getting paid to be advocate for poor people.  So I kept tabs on this group, Community Coalition.  And the longer I kept tabs on it, the less I liked what I saw.

I’ve talked about how March for our Lives was a thinly veiled Democrat campaign – follow the money to the DNC, and follow the words to see they really want to smear the NRA and GOP.  Well, here they are funding kids to go speak there.

Check out their other campaigns.  Black Lives Matter, huge settlements for schools, you name it.

Now, why do I say this?  Well, I was trying to look up the donation my friend was bragging about.  Turns out either I was wrong or that wasn’t all.  This organization got a $3 million check from the CDC – a government organization – for “tackling health issues.”  And there handing the check is Karen Bass.

Can someone please explain to me what any of these issues have to do with tackling health?…

…Let’s call this CDC grant for what it is. It’s the heyday of Obama era politics – funneling government money into organizations that just go organize and advocate for the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party isn’t winning in California because their ideas are better, or they’re more compassionate than conservatives. It’s because they monopolized the racket.