CONFIRMED: Obama Had a Second Spy Trying to Infiltrate Trump Campaign

Former Trump aide, Michael Caputo has confirmed that there was a second spy set up to try to infiltrate the Trump campaign and later his administration. Caputo says he is waiting for his lawyer’s okay to reveal the details of the second spy, including releasing his name.

Caputo dropped a major bombshell when he reported that he had been approached by a second Obama spy. Caputo said:

“Let me tell you something that I know for a fact, this informant, this person that planted, that they tried to plant into the campaign and even into the administration, if you believe Axios–he’s not the only person who came into the campaign! And the FBI is not the only Obama agency who came into the campaign.”

“I know because they came at me. And I’m looking for clearance from my attorney to reveal this to the public. This is just the beginning and I’ll tell ya, when we finally find out the truth about this–Director Clapper and the rest of them are gonna be wearing some orange suits.”

From The Gateway Pundit

The stenographers at the New York Times are in spin mode ahead of the damning IG report which is due to be released to the public in a few weeks.

The New York Times claimed the spy embedded in Trump’s camp wasn’t spying; he was there to protect Trump from the Russians. Unbelievable.

In the very same New York Times FBI puff piece, it is revealed the Deep State informant spy [Stefan Halper] lured in George Papadopoulos with cash–$3,000 and a trip to London.

The first spy, Stefan Halper was paid over $400k total to spy on Trump and after Trump won the election, openly lobbied for an ambassadorship in the far east. And we don’t know if Obama, Clapper, Brennan and the other co-conspirators had more spies than just the two but would you admit it’s possible if not probable?