CNN “Journalist” Blames Trump For Creepy Back Door Policy – The Problem? It’s An Obama Policy

April Ryan, a CNN contributor (Who else but CNN would hire her?) has accused President Trump of running a child sex ring by retweeting a story originally appearing in The Root.

For those of you that don’t know it, the Root is run by Henry Louis Gates Jr, the Harvard professor who refused to give police his identity after they caught him breaking into the back door of his own home. This led to Obama calling the policeman stupid. The original story accused President Trump of a child sex ring and uses that as proof that Trump is a bigot. Unfortunately, someone spent the seven seconds to search Google to find out it was an Obama policy, not Trump’s.

April Ryan who is to journalism like Jeffrey Dahmer was to humanitarianism, retweeted the article. (I guess she didn’t have 7 seconds to spare)

From Fox News

“Now it turns out that the Trump administration may have an equally implausible conspiracy on its hands: Is the administration involved in child sex trafficking or just white nationalism? Follow me down the rabbit hole and see for yourself,” Johnson says in the article, published Friday.

Many of those who bashed Ryan on Twitter questioned how a professional journalist could associate herself with such a story.

“April Ryan has gone pizzagate on Trump,” tweeted Steve Robinson, who produces the Howie Carr radio talk show.


I don’t know if Ryan repeated this in prime time CNN, but if she did, literally dozens of people could have seen it.