DANGER: Illegal Alien Caught at Border Has Flesh Eating Disease

An illegal alien that was picked up in a remote section of New Mexico complained about a rash on his leg.

As it turns out, it was not a rash but a flesh-eating disease. It’s a bacteria that enters the body through a scratch or a cut and can spread throughout the body. Most end in death. It can not be caught by casual contact unless you also have a cut. Flesh-eating bacteria are a rare condition called necrotizing fasciitis that spreads quickly.

Illegal aliens who come to this country often carry serious diseases but many enter the country without being checked through illegal immigration.

From The AP

A statement from border patrol officials said the unidentified migrant will require extensive medical treatment. Antunez said he could not provide more details or the man’s condition.

Sometimes surgery is needed to remove the infected area. It’s rare for the infection to spread to other people.

The man was detained near the small city of Lordsburg. His home country was not disclosed.

Another 300 migrants, mostly Central Americans, were detained Thursday south of Lordsburg near an official U.S.-Mexico border crossing, Antunez said. Some had illnesses and injuries and were taken to hospitals for treatment.

The sparsely populated, desert area has experienced a significant influx of large migrant groups recently.

Nearly 10,000 migrants have been detained at New Mexico’s three Border Patrol stations since Oct. 1, officials said.

There were 12,800 detentions at the three stations from October 2017 through September 2018.

This is just one more reason that we need a border wall.