California Man Allegedly Cursed Trump, Tried To Stab GOP Congressional Candidate

With Twitter banning conservatives for the slightest things, you would think they would have banned Maxine Waters for inciting violence. But, of course, they didn’t. Now, a crazy has stabbed a Republican candidate after shouting obscenities about President Trump. He then attacked Rudy Peters at the Castro Valley Fall Festival.

Peters is running for the 15th Congressional District of California, which represents Hayward and the surrounding area and eastern Alameda County. Farzad Vincent Fazeli, 35, tried to stab Peters with his switchblade but was unable to get it open. Fazeli was charged with a felony count of making criminal threats and misdemeanor counts of exhibiting a deadly weapon and possessing a switchblade.

From The SF Gate

“All of a sudden we hear someone screaming, “F— Trump, f— Trump!” Peters recalled. He said the man raised his middle finger and was “standing right in front of the booth.”

Peters had been sitting with Joseph Grcar, a Republican state Assembly candidate. He said they were both “kind of shocked” by the outburst, but that the man seemed like he was walking off. “The next thing you know,” Peters said, “he stops and turns around and says, ‘I’ll show you,’ and runs at the booth.”

Peters said the man grabbed a coffee cup from the table and threw it at him, prompting Peters to come around the table and “grab him.” Peters said he threw him to the ground before the suspect hopped back up, reached into his pocket and grabbed the switchblade.

“He’s screaming, ‘I’m gonna kill you, motherf—er!’” Peters said. “He had the knife, but the blade wouldn’t shoot out.”

Think Maxine Waters feels sorry for inspiring the man to violence? Nope. We’re sure it’ll be back to “business as usual” for her in no time… today in fact. Put money on it.