Buying Your Kid A Phone Or Tablet For Christmas? BEWARE!

These days, it’s typical for kids to get high-end electronics for Christmas. Kids seem to be able to grasp some newer technologies faster than any of us would have anticipated.

I remember when Big Wheels were the IT item for Christmas. But we also stayed outside all day playing all sorts of awesome games that required our imagination and wit. But I guess that was just a different time.

An unnamed 10-year-old girl was gifted an iPad by her parents. The intent was to help with school work. Despite taking what they thought were all the right safety measures, when they FINALLY looked into her activity — well, they found some really disturbing stuff.

Creepy a$$ pedophiles had managed to find their way to her, virtually, and using popular applications like Skype and Snapchat, sent some explicit messages; encouraging her to expose herself to them.

THIS HAPPENED! Her name and her family’s name is undisclosed by law enforcement for safety concerns.

The school-aged-girl was first contacted by a man on Snapchat, who won her trust before leading the conversation on to sex. Her parents believe that he must have passed her details on to others.

Her father, 37, said that his daughter told many of the men that she was ten years old, but that it only encouraged them to ask for explicit images. 

He told the Sun: ‘In one case they begged her to undress. When she refused he said “Your parents won’t come into your room in the time it will take to get out of your pajamas”.’

He father added that the most frightening exchange he read was one in which a man offered to transfer his daughter money so that she might travel to meet up with him.

On another occasion, one man begged: ‘Open cam baby open’ and added: ‘plzzzzzz I like sex. What problem r u no interest to sex.’

Her mother, 32, said it was ‘terrifying’ that the men could reach children in their own home and said she ‘thanked God’ that she checked her iPad.

She said: ‘ I’m asking every parent in Britain to do the same. My little girl was groomed into doing things we thought were unthinkable. If it can happen to us it can happen to anyone.’

Do yourselves a favor, folks… disregard your child’s right to privacy, especially when they’re using mobile devices. Watch them like a hawk — if you’re concerned about being a “helicopter parent” well SUCK IT UP! This is your kid’s safety and potentially LIFE at stake.

When they get older, they’ll get it.

(H/T Daily Mail)