BREAKING: Emails from Anthony Weiner’s Computer Are Released!

The DOJ has finally released the emails from Huma Abedin that were found on her husband’s, Anthony Weiner (Carlos Danger) computer. Some are marked classified, which means that Abedin broke federal law by sending classified emails to a non-government email. The FBI found the emails when they were investigating Weiner for his explicit messages to an underage girl. Comey temporarily reopened the email case until he realized if he did some democrats would go to prison so he dropped it like a hot horseshoe.

At least 8 of the emails were marked confidential which means that leaking of that information could cause harm to national security.

Here is one of them.

From DML News

Although Weiner was once a member of Congress, he had resigned his position and thus, as a civilian he should have no access to reading classified documents without a security clearance.

It’s unclear whether Weiner had such a clearance while he was a public official, but he didn’t serve on any House committees that would tend to expose him to sensitive foreign policy matters.

Friday’s revelation will pose new public-image problems for Clinton, who has long faced tough questions over what the FBI has called her ‘careless’ handling of classified material.

Judicial Watch should be credited for its diligence in this matter.  Full disclosure, Dennis Michael Lynch is a donor to the organization.

The illegal emails are just one of the crimes committed by the criminal cabal known as Clinton World. Members of Hillary’s staff including Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin were allowed to work full time jobs at the same time they were being paid full time at the State Department and Abedin used her State Dept job to promote her work for Taneo, a Clinton connected firm that advertises that they introduce businessmen and women to political appointees and elected officials.

Bribery was also a favorite of the cabal, including $145 million to the Clinton Foundation after Hillary helped facilitate the sale of Uranium One to Russia.