Assange and Wikileaks Offers PROOF of DNC Hacking

In another example of how truly crooked Adam Schiff is, he was offered a meeting with Assange to clear up where the DNC emails came from. Schiff turned down the offer immediately.

My guess is that Schiff already knows it was an inside job and he doesn’t want to see the proof. He said he wouldn’t meet with Assange until he was in custody. That’s a double standard on his part. He doesn’t have anything bad to say about Manning who stole the documents but he wants Assange in prison for publishing them. Following that line of reasoning, would he then call for the imprisonment of people at the NYT and WaPo who publish stolen memos and turn them over to the press? Are you kidding?

From The Gateway Pundit

In yet another example of how Rep. Adam Schiff does not actually want to know the truth about how WikiLeaks obtained leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee, the Congressman has denied an invitation to meet with Julian Assange — unless he is in US custody.

Appearing on MSNBC on Friday, Randy Credico, a personal friend of Assange, announced that he had met with Schiff on Wednesday to extend the offer for a meeting.

“I had gone there with a mandate from Assange for Mr. Schiff to go over there and interview him,” Credico said. “I got the okay from Assange for him to do that.”

Credico asserted that Assange had sent him on a “secret mission” to invite Schiff so that he could clear everything up.

“If he wants to go over there… he’s waiting for him,” Credico said of Assange.

Kim DotCom has claimed several times that he has proof that Seth Rich was responsible for the theft of the DNC emails. His lawyer offered to provide Mueller with the evidence twice but Mueller is out to get Trump, not the truth. Schiff is no better.