Antifa Sissy Learns What Happens When You Spit In The Face Of A Marine

During a Rock on the Range event in Columbus, Ohio a group of Antifa protestors decided to approach and protest a group of Marines who were present. What happens next, even for them, is nuts.

Seemingly out of nowhere, the Antifa protestors began shouting and calling them “murders” – going further to even imply that “defending our freedoms” was something to be ashamed of. Then… that’s when this little liberal hippie took it too far.

He spat in the face of one of the Marines. The Marine did state, “guy walked up and spit in my face and another Marines (sic) face.” He next wrote, “Dude almost got his a*s kicked…” True statement.

What we take away from this, I feel, is the amazing amount of discipline instilled in these fellas. Most anyone else would have knocked her (him?) out COLD but he kept his cool.

Things quickly turned south for the young stupid punk Antifa kid as when you try and take on one Marine you end up taking them all on. Though in the end the Marine kept his cool and went on to make some statements about the situation with Sean Hannity.

It’s easy to understand how someone can become frustrated with the government, I mean “small government” is what we want, right? Every inch of the DNC is seemingly corrupt so again I get it.. but dangit! you don’t spit in the face of someone who has, will, could fight for your freedoms. That’s just a huge no-no.

“I’ve never seen her before or since but yeah she did her thing and I went on my way, kept on my military discipline. But yeah it was uh “pretty special” said Ross, the Marine who got spat on.

Ryan said “When we go to a “peace rally” we get spit on and called fascist. When they come to our rallies they like to yell at our people, it’s no different but to them, we’re the fascists. Because we’re just asking simple questions and they’re protesting a war with peace yet they’re spitting on Ross”.