Antifa Shows Their True Colors After Attacking A Christian Group During Rally

Antifa, was at it again this weekend as they violently attack the Christian group, the Portland Patriot Prayer group. Antifa brought bottles, rocks, and mace to use in attacking the prayer vigil. To Antifa’s horror, some decided to fight back and in the case of one skinny would be terrorist, it did not turn out so well.

“Another wild brawl at 5th by city hall. This stuff is craaaaazy. Violent as all hell”

“VIDEO: Rocks flying. Really dangerous down here right now”

“Antifascists throwing rocks at exiting right wingers, this dude has a huge rock”

“ANOTHER FIGHT. More pepper spray”

FOX News reported:

Patriot Prayer, which bills itself as a peaceful First Amendment advocacy group, organized a rally — “Tiny’s Freedom March,” a going-away event for Tusitala John Toese, who’s close with group leader Joey Gibson — for 5 p.m.

The Rose City Antifa scheduled a counter-protest for 4 p.m. “to show Patriot Prayer, just as we showed them last year, that their violence and hatred has no place in Portland.”

It was not immediately clear if Sunday’s demonstrations downtown resulted in any arrests, but photos and videos posted to social media showed protesters fighting and clashing, while some apparently were doused with pepper spray.

Armed Antifa activists stormed the rally.

There is no release of information on arrests. It’s the same old story. Antifa shows up, creates a violent setting and never pays a price from the law. Of course, they are careful to only riot in liberal cities.

It is very ironic that they claim to be antifascists since they use exactly the same methods of fascists, such as trying to do away with free speech and physically attacking anyone who disagrees with them.

“Here’s a handful of Patriot Prayer here. There’s a few more standing outside the plaza. Most didn’t want to be interviewed. One man says they are here to celebrate freedom of speech and see a friend off who is moving out of the area”