Anti-Christian Group Plans To Attack Our Religious Freedom

Rachel K. Laser,  an abortion-rights and LGBT-rights activist, has been named the new executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AUSCS).

And she’s set her sights on our religious freedom, saying she wants to redefine freedom of religion “a diverse, vibrant country, and not a monolithic, culturally favored religion in this country.”

“We need to awaken that awareness; we need to awaken the notion that religious liberty undergirds the separation of church and state,” she said in an interview with the Washington Post published Wednesday. “The two can not only coexist but are tied at the waist.”

The AUSCS originally intended to be an opposition for Catholics but they’ve expanded over the years to become a staunch anti-Christian organization, frequently coming to the defense of atheists and non-Christians; opposing the Christian values that built this country.

Further making waves, “We need to remember that it’s not intuitive to everyone that separation of church and state is the foundation of religious freedom,” Laser said recently. “We must make clear that despite our ideals, Christianity has often held a special cultural status in our country, and minority religions and atheism have often been disadvantaged.”

We must “continue to make clear how inextricably tied our issue is to so many others that are under attack today – including reproductive freedom, LGBTQ equality, and racial justice – and continue to grow our coalitions to reflect this reality,” she said.

She also opposes President Trump’s reaching out to anyone fighting oppression for their Christian beliefs.

“But we are also witnessing an alarming moment in American history,” she said. “Our country’s top leaders are failing to honor America’s promise to separate religion and government, which is the foundation of freedom of religion and conscience for all.”

I feel like real freedom of religion would qualify Laser and her group as a “hate group” but apparently you can’t be “oppress” if you’re Christian in this country. There’s some sort of crazy worldview in the minds of the alt-left wherein something that is the majority can’t be oppressed.

It’s utter nonsense.