Tillerson/Rubio Team Up on Call For Military Action In Socialist “Paradise”

Well heck, maybe Marco Rubio has some balls after all! Should I take back all that “Probably-a-RINO” talk I’ve pushed the last few days? We’ll see…

Rubio has called for the Venezuelan Armed Forces to rebel against the government in a series of tweets, and even the Secretary of state has hinted at supporting a coup d’etat move.

The world would support the Armed Forces in #Venezuela if they decide to protect the people & restore democracy by removing a dictator,” Florida Senator Rubio wrote.

“Soldiers eat out of garbage cans & their families go hungry in while Maduro & friends live like kings & block humanitarian aid”

““Cuando la tiranía se hace ley, la rebelión es un derecho”. Bolivar”

This after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson hinted at his support for a move in Venezuela.

“In the history of Venezuela and South American countries, it is often times that the military is the agent of change when things are so bad and the leadership can no longer serve the people,” Tillerson said at the University of Texas in Austin on Thursday.

When the people’s patience runs out, the military then “will manage a peaceful transition,” Tillerson carefully said.

The ousting of Maduro is not something Washington aspires to or plots, Tillerson said, commenting further “whether that will be the case here or not, I do not know.”

“We have not advocated for regime change or removal of President Maduro. We have advocated that they return to the constitution,” he stated, adding that Maduro’s political fate will depend on the outcome of elections.

“And then, if he is not re-elected by the people, so be it,” Tillerson said.

This is the reality of socialism and it’s about damn time someone called for some action! I know I know… many of you may not be happy about us playing “world police” again but who else will and ensure it remains fair?