Professor Charged With Vandalizing Home of NRA Lobbyist

A radical Nebraska professor was arrested for vandalizing the home of an NRA lobbyist. Twice actually. Once in October of 2017 and again in January of 2018.  University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor Patricia Wonch Hill was charged with misdemeanor vandalism.

She is part of the group Gun Melt whose goal is to lend the gun control movement a more radical element, according to The Washington Post. The judge needs to throw the book at her instead of merely slapping her on the wrist. If this keeps up, sooner or later someone, whose children are frightened by these hags might decide to take action no one should want.

Hill and her fellow Gun Melt founders,   her UNL colleague, English professor Amanda Gailey, and former College of William and Mary visiting professor Catherine Koebel, openly admit they are radicals and the judge should lock Hill away and give her some time to consider her actions before she gets somebody killed.

Such a class outfit. Hill will have to report to court on May 21st. The university should have to decide if they want a professor who has no problem with damaging the property of others. This is not the type of person I would want teaching my child.

She is just one part of an ever-increasing violent action of the left who actually believe it is their right just like Stalin in Russia and Hitler in Germany.

“So wild story. This week we discovered that the @NRA and their Chief Lobbyist @ChrisCoxNRA are ❄️s. They sent @cmkoeb this hurt feelings report/No trespass order. Why? Because we dared show the neighbors of their Chief Lobbyist that he’s a murder/suicide profiteer.”

From The Daily Caller

Another gun control faction, Betsy Riot, describes itself as a “neo-suffragist punk-patriot resistance defending America against Trumpism and metaphorically kicking NRA gunf***ery in the balls.”  Kentucky Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell “debas[ed] democracy” by “Chris Cox-sucking the blood money-jizzing death dick of the NRA,” the group said.