Latest Deep State Reveal Shows How Bias Intel Agencies Were In 2016 Election – This Is One For The Books!

Former Australian Ambassador Alexander Downer who met George Papadopoulos through Obama spy, Stefan Halper has direct connections to the Clintons, having raised $25 million dollars for the Clinton Foundation.

The money was rerouted to the  Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI). Although liberal politicians around the world, the auditors criticized its “management weaknesses” and inadequate budgetary oversight. In other words, they couldn’t account for all the money. Check out Chappaqua, NY and see if any fresh coffee cans have been buried in the Clinton’s backyard.

From Breitbart News

The Clintons’ tentacles go everywhere. So, that’s why it’s important,” said Rep. Jim Jordan, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee that has taken up arms in defense of the Trump administration over the course of the Russia probe. “We continue to get new information every week it seems that sort of underscores the fact that the FBI hasn’t been square with us.”

Interestingly, The New York Times failed to disclose these details in a May 16 story entitled “A Secret Mission, a Code Name and Anxiety: Inside the Early Days of the F.B.I.’s Trump Investigation” in which they detailed Downer’s involvement in “Crossfire Hurricane,” the code name for the interview which led directly to an investigation into ties between Russia and then Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Doesn’t it seem funny that all the witnesses, spies and lawyers are pro-Hillary, including the FBI and the CIA? That’s the only way the Deep State plan would have worked because anyone else might have….dare I say it?…integrity.

The disconcerting thing is that Halper put Papadopoulos and Prof Mifsud together. Mifsud told Papadopoulos that the Russians had Hillary’s email. Papadopoulos passed that on to Downer after Halper arranged for them to meet. This sounds like an out and out set up by the Obama WH that hired Halper to begin with.