Here’s Why There’s A MASSIVE Security Force Overseeing The Superbowl This Year

Super Bowl security this year will include jets flying overhead and Black Hawk helicopters due to the threat of terrorism from the large Somali Muslim population and terrorism cases involving Somali Muslims from that area.

There will be 4 layers of aircraft, including F-16 fighters and a no fly zone is being established for 30 nautical miles surrounding the stadium where the New England Patriots will take on the Philadelphia Eagles for the Super Bowl championship game.

Streets around the stadium will be closed off and one official claims it will be the safest place on Earth.

Super Bowl LII will be played at US Bank Stadium on February 4th between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles

Black Hawk helicopters and jet fighters will be circling above the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota on Sunday along with choppers equipped with infrared cameras

Security for Super Bowls is always rigid but this year it is being taken to a new all-time high because of the number of cases of terrorism among Minnesota’s Somali population.

The cost to taxpayers will be staggering. Consider four layers of air cover for at least five hours, possibly more. Security for this year’s Super Bowl has been being planned since 2016.

The police force is only 900 strong and there will be sixty other police departments there plus a heavy FBI presence and they have thousands of volunteers who will be on the lookout for suspicious activity. The FBI has a large x-ray truck there that will scan all food and equipment being taken into the stadium.

From The Mail Online

Streets have been closed, parking garages will be shut and homeless people are likely going to be moved to shelters – but there will be even more high tech measures out of sight.

The FBI, which will reportedly have its own transmitting station inside the stadium, will be using license plate readers to track suspicious vehicles.

FBI agents will be tracking social media for threats, hundreds of temporary CCTV cameras will be installed and in case a terrorist attack should happen, organizers are planning a response ‘similar to that used in airplane crashes

Meteorologists say this will be the coldest Super Bowl ever recorded in the 52-year history of the annual game

They are expecting temperatures outside to be just 3 degrees at game time but the stadium is enclosed and the temperature will be a toasty 70 degrees for the fans. But for the officers out in the streets, the night could be a living hell. It will only get colder as the sun goes down. None of this matters to me as I no longer watch extremely rich players who “protest” how badly they are treated while they disrespect the men and women who gives them the ability to protest.