BREAKING! Pipe Bomb Goes Off At Florida Mall

At approximately 5:30 p.m. Sunday evening two blasts ripped through the Eagle Ridge Mall in Lake Wales, Florida. No reports yet as to injuries, but the message seems to be clear: Terror.

Police have released a description of a person of interest, they are looking for a “middle-aged white male, heavy build, wearing a grey shirt and

These lone-wolf, home grown terrorist attacks tend to be perpetrated by the same types of people: Democrats, frustrated by the rise of American populism, pride and the return to stability offered by the Trump administration.

The mall was evacuated while damage was assessed. Only slight damage to a wall and drop ceiling were discovered. However, shortly after the two initial blasts a third suspicious package was later located near a movie theater, a black backpack, the contents of which have not been identified. Attacks like these tend to be accompanied by a statement.

While nothing official has been reported, a complete lack of facts are not letting the left from sounding off on social media. Twitter users taking the opportunity to blame Trump, republicans, and everything that goes bump in the night.

So what’s the hold up here?

The FBI has been notified but so far has declined to get involved stating it is “too early in the investigation to judge whether terrorism was involved”. Who are they protecting here? Are they waiting for a video of the perpetrator sitting in a cave wearing a turban admitting to the attacks to start searching?

From Las Vegas to the congressional baseball practice shooting, these kinds of attacks have been increasing in frequency. The enemy is no longer “over there”, and we need to remain vigilant.

The notion that we can go anywhere safely is gone. We need to remain cognizant, cautious and to protect ourselves and our families.