ANTIFA Thug Who Attacked Reporter FINALLY Gets Sentenced!

An Antifa thug who punched popular conservative pundit Jack Posobiec is heading off to prison.

Originally, he had been given two years of probation but he blew that when he got drunk and rowdy and then tried to escape from police. For his little adventure, he got his probation taken away and he is in prison for two years minus time for good behavior, but don’t bet on it. Sydney Ramsey-Laree, 25, was with some of his thug buddies as Posobiec was standing on a corner talking with Antifa members when suddenly Ramsey-Laree sucker punched Posobiec.

The police were nearby and immediately arrested him for assault. He tried to claim self-defense but Posobiec had a video of the incident and Ramsey-Laree was arrested, tried and found guilty.

From The Gateway Pundit

When the officer attempted to apprehend Ramsey-Laree for drinking in public, the violent anarchist ran from police.

“As I approached the males, they turned and looked at me and took off running. I yelled, ‘Stop, Police,’” the police report explained. “One male later identified as Sydney A. RAMSEY-LAREE from his VA learner’s permit, jumped down from the plaza onto the sidewalk holding what he was drinking in his hand. Once on the sidewalk I observed him throw to the ground a can of what I immediately identified as Budweiser.”

The officer reportedly yelled from him to stop once again, but Ramsey-Laree bolted across Pennsylvania Avenue and entered an active construction zone and hid under an active large construction crane. The officer fell as he attempted to jump over the fence to apprehend him and then became caught in a wire under the crane. Eventually, he turned to the officer who grabbed his arm, but continued to resist arrest.

Well, what do you know? Sometimes the good guys really do win.