ANTIFA Makes A Call For Militant Violence Against The Good Guys

Prolifers are staging a rally in Washington and of course the mainstay of the Democratic party, Antifa will be there.

I have often wondered why a group that claims to be anti-fascist aren’t attacking themselves. Fascists don’t march peacefully for not killing a human being. Fascists become violent in trying to constrain free speech and the right for peaceful assembly. That’s what the Nazis did, the Russians did and the Chinese did. Antifa has become a national joke. They are domestic terrorist group and when one of their members commit violence, we need to send them to Gitmo for some lessons in what terrorism really is.

Patriot Prayer will be holding a peaceful rally in Kent Washington on June 9th. Their members have been given instructions that they are not to harass anyone entering the abortion clinic there. Instead, they are there to spread a good message but are not forcing that message as antifa does. That would be the fascist thing to do. So they will leave that to antifa and the Democrats. Antifa has made many threats of violence against Patriot Prayer but never carry it out as many of PP also take advantage of the Second Amendment and open carry at their rallies. After all, antifa is made up of a bunch of fascist punks.

From The Gateway Pundit

“This is a call to crew up, roll tight and organize to obstruct yet another targeted attack by Joey Gibson and his rabble of misogynist frat-boys. If we are to continue to call ourselves anti-fascists, these kinds of gendered attacks must be met with the same force as a nazi rally or a white power gathering.”

The post goes on to mock the more moderate liberals who oppose political violence and to team up with people who support it.

“Anarchists and anti-fascists in the Pacific Northwest have learned over the last year that the broader coalition of liberals and socialists who tend to show up to oppose public gathering of the Right are not friendly to tactics of direct action that stray out of the confines of ‘non-violence.’ They will provide no safe space or harbor for those of us willing to carry out direct action against this mob of pond scum, so it is imperative that anarchists and anti-fascists alike organize to keep ourselves safe and protected,” the website suggests.

“THIS IS #ANTIFA This is who @SpeakerRyan defends This is why he needs to step down IMMEDIATELY”

“I have never seen so many members of #antifa in one place. No signs of police in the fray. “Our park!” they are chanting. #berkeley

It would be interesting to see Antifa try their violence in someplace like Texas, where they know how to deal with fascists. But they know not to mess with Texas.