Alabama lawmaker leads the way in making our schools safer

U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Kelly LeGuillon

Will Ainsworth, Alabama State Representative, is leading the way in making our schools just a little bit safer by introducing legislation that will allow teachers and administrators to carry a gun during school hours.

He says concerned educators from Marshall County reached out to him Thursday evening.

“They wanted to know what we could do to prevent that in Alabama,” said Ainsworth.

Though it’s his first term, it’s a pretty bold move.

“Our kids are literally sitting ducks. You saw the video online of kids having to hide behind desks they were literally defenseless. That’s where this came from,” explained Ainsworth.

“If a teacher, an administrator, a coach, a principal would like to be armed. They can go through a training process. It’s going to be a POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) process used for law enforcement and they can actually carry a firearm in the school system.”

“They are going to be able to protect the kids and a gunman may think twice about going into a school,” said Ainsworth.

Some people, even Conservatives, aren’t quite on board with this idea and I can understand why. Our public schools, in general, are in trouble, let alone with looming threats of mass shootings. But many people argue that even the deranged may think twice about committing the act if they know the chances of their getting taken down “too soon” looms over their heads.

Still… should that not detour the shooters, the likely hood of it being so massive is severely lessened. I know that may callous, especially to those on the left, but mass killings happen all over the world; even in places where insanely strict gun laws are already in place.

We’ve already seen these people turn cars into weapons of mass destruction, utilizing knives, and so much worse. Blackmarket guns will be in higher demand… there’s no stopping gun use anywhere in the world. It’s going to happen.

The whole idea is to protect ourselves and our freedoms. If I see a mass shooter in my sights, I am going to take aim and fire on him. It’s as simple as that.

Whole opposers, I guess, would rather crotch and hide and wait for someone else to take care of it all the while minutes go by, more deaths happen, and it becomes a more improbable situation to control.

Is that what you really want?