After Trump Authorized A Huge Strike Against Taliban Leaders, Remaining Few Attempt Story Spin

The US Military has announced that a rocket attack on the Taliban killed about 50 of their leaders.

The Taliban denies this and claims the rockets hit two civilian homes. And my Uncle Fred gave birth to triplets after sitting on a contaminated toilet seat… was my sarcasm clear?

A large group of Taliban leaders was meeting and the military took advantage of the situation and bombed them into oblivion. This was the type of attack that was allowed under Obama who had to personally approve every attack. Military leaders would seek permission that never came. (Obama did not allow the killing of anyone on his speed dial)

From The Daily Caller

Firing guided rockets, the U.S. strike obliterated a command-and-control position in Musa Qala in Helmand province where numerous senior Taliban leaders were gathered, Lieutenant Colonel Martin O’Donnell, a spokesman for the U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan, introduced, according to the Associated Press. He suggested that the impacts of the strike, which involved just four rockets, “will be felt beyond Helmand province.”

“It’s certainly a notable strike,” he explained, revealing that an unspecified number of senior and lower-level commanders have been killed since then. He commented that attacks would likely disrupt Taliban operations but not necessarily the battlefield combat, Reuters reported.

In addition to strikes on fighters and commanders, the U.S.-led coalition has been increasingly targeting sources of revenue for the Taliban. Since the start of a new strategic bombing campaign last November, U.S. aircraft have carried out 113 strikes on Taliban revenue sources, such as narcotics operations, The Wall Street Journal revealed Wednesday.

After taking office, President Trump changed the rules of engagement, not only to give military leaders the ability to strike a target of opportunity but to also go after areas where the Taliban gets its funding, Since Trump took office the military conducted operations against poppy fields and drug processing plants. This too was not allowed under Obama.