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Kanye West is at it again. He is defending the supporters of President Trump from the left wing socialists, who lose on the issues, so they try to win with insults. West was being interviewed by David Letterman on Netflix when he began to criticize the hapless Democrats. He told Letterman that he had never …

Kanye West has come under fir for his recent visit to the White House. He has been accused of being mentally ill, an Uncle Tom and worse. Kanye attributes these attacks as an attempt at mind control. While at the White House, Kanye attacked the media and the social networks as trying to control people’s …

After making his positive comments about Owens and Trump, the left called for a boycott of his new album. It went to number one in 73 counties.

To be clear, Bieber did not endorse Kanye’s views. Here’s what he backed.

She gets to the bottom of Waters words against the rap star.

She says this is the real reason the left fight so hard to keep black Americans in their party.