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When you want in the spotlight you have to expect any sort of criticism from any angle, at all time.

David Hogg has been the darling of CNN ever since he first fell in love with the TV cameras but they may rethink that love affair after seeing the picture Hogg took with a GOP candidate in Florida. There was a biker’s rally with 500 bikers participating to raise money to build a park in …

This is the kind of confrontation every conservative dreads.

If anyone forgot that David Hogg is anything but a mature adult, his most recent rant will remind people in a hurry. Hoof wild is the best way to describe his latest crusade. Like most of us, Ingraham was surprised when Hogg tried to explain why the good colleges rejected him by saying that a …

When confronted with the use of ID to access other rights, Hogg went blank.

When Obama signed his Executive Orders on firearms look who he surrounded himself with.

Hogg claims it’s his job to fix the country. I’d be willing to bet he couldn’t fix a sandwich.