You Seriously Won’t Believe What This Teacher Assigned 7th Grade Students

Seventh-grade students at  Propel Charter School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania told their parents that their science teacher talked to them about oral sex and told them to look it up on the internet but not in class because the school would find out.

Parents became outraged and complained to the school who decided to investigate the complaint. Sonya Toler, the senior director of Strategic Communication & Enrollment at Propel Schools determined that students are the ones who brought up the subject and that the teacher allegedly told them it was not a proper subject of conversation for science class. The parents still aren’t sold on that explanation.

From The Blaze

According to Toler, students and parents completely embellished the discussion about oral sex — a topic Toler said was brought up by the students, and not by the teacher.

Toler said that a male science teacher overheard multiple students in the seventh-grade class discussing oral sex.

The unnamed teacher reportedly told the children to stop discussing such matters, as it was irrelevant to the science lab (a water filtration system, according to Toler), and inappropriate conversation for the classroom.

At least one of the students reportedly responded to the teacher by asking what oral sex is.

According to Toler, the teacher responded by telling them to ask their parents or “look it up.”

Children are being taught about sex at an earlier age every year. Parents need to ask their children about school on a regular basis and find out what is going on in the classroom. This may have happened like the teacher said but parents should pursue it until they have the truth.

Schools should never teach kids about sex considering their liberal ideologies but that means the parents need to step up and supply their children with the things they need to know based on their religious and moral beliefs and keep the schools out of it.